Assorted Bits & Bytes

First Call

I provided user experience and user interface design for initial release of a subscription-based nightlife application.

Project Management, UX & UI Design


Information Architecture

The simple premise of this application belied considerable architectural complexity. With the unique consideration in mind that most users of the application would be using it while drinking in bars, the application demanded a detailed and precise information architecture and user flow consideration.

Venue Exploration

The application was designed to give the user clear pictures (literally) of a selected variety of quality establishments, in addition to clearly showing where to find them.

Location Filtering

Being quite partial to certain neighborhoods is a part of being a New Yorker, so made sure the users could just see venues from the parts of the city they liked.

Drink Redemption

The value proposition of this app is a free drink from any bar that uses the service. This demanded a two step process in which the user would start the drink redemption process on his end, and the bartender would enter a code to complete the transaction.

Venue Feedback

Following a successful drink redemption, the user would be prompted to rate the service and quality of his experience, providing information to help the discovery part of the application.


In addition to the discovery and redemption areas of the application, the app offered FAQs, customer support, purchase history and a referrals program.


San Francisco-based Handle created a unique email client that functioned as a task manager and to-do list using a “get things done” philosophy. I lead visual design for the company while it developed early prototypes.

UI Design


Command Focused

The application was architected around a command-line like “tasker” interface which would visually display buttons along with corresponding hotkey shortcuts to quickly work through email and to-do items.


Emails could be quickly collected and connected with items in a “Yes” or “Maybe” to-do list.

A Little Help

Additionally, a “Guru” feature provided a focused series of phases to quickly triage and organize one’s email.


Wepa is a digital streaming music service from Radiopolis, Colombia’s largest terrestrial radio network. I lead the design and development of a single page app that seamlessly functioned both on desktop and mobile devices.

Project Management, UX & UI Design


Mobile First Information Architecture

Though initially developed as a web rather than native mobile application, we still went with a mobile-first architecture that would also function naturally in an expanded desktop layout.

Single Page Radio Dial

Inspired by the AM/FM tuners of our parents' stereo systems, we developed a unique scrolling interface that mimicked the radio dials of the past.

Angular + Rails

We used AngularJS to create the “tuner” front-end portion of the application which streamed live radio feeds from their existing infrastructure, and used a Ruby on Rails back-end system to handle user registration.

Ad-Supported & Ad-Free Streaming

We additionally built in a gateway through a Colombian payment service for users to upgrade their accounts.

Mobile Friendly

We used Twitter Bootstrap to build-in a responsive layout for a custom tuner interface, enabling smooth browsing and listening even on mobile web.


I lead visual design efforts of this technology social review site from the founders of Engadget.

UI Design


The Best New Gadgets

Aiming to be something like the Pitchfork of gadgets, gdgt featured a prominent visual score indicator for every product which was accomanied by corresponding indicators of desire.

A Technical Forum

At its core the site was a forum for technology enthusiasts. As such, it was designed to appear similar to so many of the subjects of discussion — precise linework, subtle gray colors and splashes of bright illumination.

Comparison and Contrast

In addition to offering reviews and social functionality, the site allowed users to quantitative statistics side by side.

A Comprehensive View & Discussion

Every product page offered the opportunity the user to save the product to a list or engage in a discussion with other technically minded individuals about its merits or uses..


The site was designed to foster discussion by surfacing relevant questions to encourage community engagement.