Assorted Bits & Bytes


8tracks is one of the world’s most popular music streaming applications, having been in operation for almost 10 years while maintaining an unusually lean approach. I lead design for the company’s freelance team during its early days and later became one of the company’s first employees.

Millions of Mixes

8tracks is comprised of user-created playlists – a “mix” in 8tracks lingo – of 8 songs consisting of 30 seconds or more.

Mixes of Mixes

Users can additionally collect mixes into “mix sets,” which will then automatically play in sequence.

Mobile Mixes

8tracks offers native applications for both iOS and Android.

8tracks would later go on to raise money with a Series A including VCs such as Andressen Horowitz, and become one of the most popular streaming music applications in the world. Remarkably, for a streaming music service, at several points the company has even achieved a profitable state of operation.

The site has undergone several overhauls in recent years, but by and large retains its original design principles and aesthetics.

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San Francisco-based Handle created a unique email client that functioned as a task manager and to-do list using a “get things done” philosophy. I lead visual design for the company while it developed early prototypes.

Command Focused

The application was architected around a command-line like “tasker” interface which would visually display buttons along with corresponding hotkey shortcuts to quickly work through email and to-do items.


Emails could be quickly collected and connected with items in a “Yes” or “Maybe” to-do list.

A Little Help

Additionally, a “Guru” feature provided a focused series of phases to quickly triage and organize one’s email.


Wepa is a digital streaming music service from Radiopolis, Colombia’s largest terrestrial radio network. I lead the design and development of a single page app that seamlessly functioned both on desktop and mobile devices.

Single Page Radio Dial

Inspired by the AM/FM tuners of our parent’s stereo systems, we developed a unique scrolling interface that mimicked the radio dials of the past.

Angular + Rails

We used AngularJS to create the “tuner” front-end portion of the application which streamed live radio feeds from their existing infrastructure, and used a Ruby on Rails back-end system to handle user registration.

Ad-Free Streaming

We additionally built in a gateway through a Colombian payment service for users to upgrade their accounts.

Responsive, Naturally

We used Twitter Bootstrap to build-in a responsive layout for a custom tuner interface, enabling smooth browsing and listening evening on mobile web.