From 2012-2014 I collaborated with some colleagues that had a contagious enthusiasm for bitcoin. Together we designed and released this iOS application for tracking the volatile price of bitcoin across exchanges and currencies, and keeping up to date on the latest news.

Project Management, UX & UI Design


High Crypto-Visibility

While all the relevant information relevant to our casual concerns was accessible through a variety of sources, it wasn’t particularly visible or legible. Thus, we brought the current price of the cryptocurrency front and center and let the rest of the interface work around it.

World Currencies at a Swipe

In addition to the prominent price, the home screen manages to include other relevant data and UI elements including low, high, change, exchange, a short price history, and a currency selector.

Many Exchanges

A quick tap in the upper right corner of the home screen reveals a variety of exchanges and a range of prices.


A swipe left reveals a scrolling feed of news from the leading bitcoin journal, Coindesk, who consistently deliver a variety extraordinary stories in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

Price Alerts

A swipe of the screen to the right reveals a price alerts pane, which would send a push notification to your phone if the price reached a certain point on any given exchange.

Price Conversion

Finally, the last pane of the application uses the latest price data with a number pad interface to allow the user to quickly convert figures back and forth from bitcoin to the selected currency.

Bits and Blocks

At its peak, btcReport maintained around 7,000 daily active users and reached over 50,000 unique downloads.

My colleagues and I explored further development into web and Android platforms, but we ultimately decided to focus on different projects. Though no longer in active development, btcReport continues to operate and serve the asethetically discerning cryptocurrency enthusiast.

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